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Volunteer In Zimbabwe

Launched in 2009, Volunteer in Zimbabwe Trust is the only Zimbabwean organisation working in Zimbabwe to promote and encourage volunteerism in Zimbabwe by both locals and internationals. Our primary focus is on encouraging people in developed countries to volunteer their time and influence with the minimal disruption to their lives to do things that are immensely beneficial to  the needy in Zimbabwe particularly school children.

Our basic belief is that volunteering is about giving your time to do something useful, without financial reward and yet very fulfilling. Volunteering is not necessarily about coming to spend some time in Zimbabwe and working in particular communities. Our greater numbers of volunteers are those people who are not able to travel, who use their time, influence and resources as volunteers in the communities they live and work to do simple  activities that have a life changing impact on beneficiaries here in Zimbabwe. Simple acts like collecting sanitary pads for use by poor girls or sending a used computer rather than throwing it away can make such a huge difference to school children.  We strive to connect volunteers with communities in need of service. Whether one is coming to Zimbabwe or not, the opportunities to volunteer are endless and very fulfilling.


•    It is a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and gain useful experience;
•    It provides the feeling of contentment and satisfaction of time and effort well spent;
•    It opens the door to many new and exciting opportunities abroad;
•    It gives you the chance to help people and communities in genuine need;
•    Provides the opportunity to experience life from the community perspective;
•    An option not provided through traditional tours;
•    It contributes to the unique and diverse experiences on a curriculum vitae;
•    It will broaden your horizons and give you a new perspective on life;
•    It will improve your foreign language skills
•    Most of all it provides for a fun and personally rewarding experience.

The range of opportunities is limitless, whether you are a teacher, cricket coach, doctor or without professional or formal qualifications, Volunteer in Zimbabwe Trust will be able to match you with a suitable community placement. Whatever skills and experience you may have, they can be applied in a volunteer context.  A surprisingly high number of volunteer opportunities do not require any expertise at all, just your time and commitment.

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